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Intercontinental Food Participated in the 23rd China International Baking Exhibition

【This month's update】    

       From April 27th to April 30th, under the guidance of Chairman Liu Gang Yingming, COO Wang Guoliang led the online and offline sales&R&D team to bring various new products of the company to the annual 23rd China International Baking Exhibition. At the exhibition, there was not only a live broadcast of Tiktok, which attracted the attention of surrounding businesses, but also a strong launch of the company's new business model, "Big Food Restaurant Vending Machine", which attracted the attention of on-site exhibitors. Key points, key points, and key points: This exhibition has received special attention from local government officials in Hubei, and they have specially come from Hubei to visit. After the meeting, give a high evaluation to the overall layout and products of our company's exhibition!