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Advanced deeds of epidemic prevention and control of Intercontinental Food Co., Ltd

Young people take on the responsibility in the current epidemic situation

The strong wind knows the strong grass, and the scorching fire tests the true gold.

In this special period

Hou Chaowen, employee of Intercontinental Food Co., Ltd         

In order to firmly implement the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "life is more important than Mount Tai, epidemic is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility", Comrade Hou Chaowen actively responded to the call of the government, regardless of personal gains and losses, regardless of the dangers of epidemic prevention and took the initiative to give up the time to rest and accompany their families, to devote themselves to the prevention and control of epidemics with a passion, together with the Enshi City Songshuping Village Committee to guard the health and safety of all villages and residents.

Comrade Hou Chaowen nearly two months of sleeplessness, often on instant noodles, braving the cold wind and rain, shift duty, with the most simple language, the most passionate heart, fully guarded in the epidemic prevention and control of the most grass-roots line of defense!

In March 2020, our company received a letter of thanks from Songshuping Village, Hexagonal Pavilion Street Office, Enshi City. A sentence "Comrade Hou Chaowen, you have worked hard" explains the love of Hou Chaowen to Songshuping village collective, but also explains the unity and firmness of Hou Chaowen to face up to difficulties.

Intercontinental people have never been afraid of cowardice, in the face of the epidemic, determined to stand firm to the end!

Since the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company point to point, efficiently open the road back to work, so that our region to welcome back the first batch of Hubei Enshi State to Xiao resumption of work personnel.

Not forgetting the original intention, the people are united in their determination to help each other, and the future is promising.

Light up the lamp of life with your heart, extend a warm hand, the infinite power is all in the retrograde, thanks to the warriors struggling in the front line of the fight against the epidemic!