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Hangzhou Vice Mayor Wang Hong went to Intercontinental Foods to investigate the resumption of work of the enterprise

      The morning of February 18, Hangzhou Vice Mayor Wang Hong to Hangzhou Intercontinental Food Co. Xiaoshan District Deputy Mayor Fang Jun, Nanyang Street, deputy secretary of the party working committee, office director Gu Huaming, office deputy director Yu Qianjiang accompanied.

Wang Hong detailed understanding of the current epidemic prevention and control and production of intercontinental food back to work. He pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious, the enterprise should implement the epidemic prevention and control responsibility, effectively grasp, grasp, grasp the epidemic prevention and control, the enterprise back to work and other work. Wang Hong urged the person in charge of intercontinental food to put the epidemic prevention and control work to the first place, guiding the staff to return to the staggered return, return to work in an orderly manner, safe work. Wang Hong also carefully inquired about the difficulties faced by Intercontinental Foods, requiring the towns and districts to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, and proactively solve the practical difficulties related to the resumption of work for the enterprise, good service.



Hangzhou Intercontinental Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is a municipal agricultural leading enterprise, which mainly produces and sells frozen quick-frozen dough and western-style quick-frozen products.


      In response to the practical difficulties in the resumption of work, Nanyang Street took the initiative to coordinate materials to ensure the resumption of work, to help enterprises to solve the masks, disinfectant water, thermometer and other materials; organization to carry out a full-scale simulation of the resumption of work, temperature measurement of the factory, work discipline, staff meals, cleaning and extermination and other details to further clarify the requirements, and storage of epidemic-prevention materials for enterprises, staff dormitories and other situations on the ground inspection; for the control of the enterprise goods transportation In response to the actual situation of controlled transportation of goods for enterprises, and the higher authorities to contact the docking several times, the first time for a good pass, to ensure that enterprise sales are not affected. At the same time, timely publicity to cope with the epidemic to support enterprises to resume work and production of relevant policies to support enterprises to resume work in an orderly manner, stabilize production and tide over the difficulties.


Unity of purpose and scientific precautions


Management and services, a concerted effort to resume work together