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Master These Baking Basics Before You Can Be Called a Master

  Many baking enthusiasts just learn to bake, do not know how to select materials, do not know how to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of various raw materials, now I will teach some baking basics, teach you how to select good materials, make a good cake.

How to choose butter

Butter is the main ingredient for baking, and its goodness affects the quality of the cake. How should we choose quality butter? When buying, we should choose a good vacuum-packed butter that is not easily crumbled, has no air bubbles, and has no vapor attached; high-quality butter has no flavor before unpacking, but it will have a more pure milk flavor after unpacking and dissolving.

There are two types of butter: salted butter and unsalted butter, and as the name implies, salted butter contains a salt component, while unsalted butter has no salt in it. Salted butter has a refrigerated shelf life of about four months, while unsalted butter has a more soothing shelf life of about two months, because he does not contain preservatives and tastes a little sweeter.

When doing baking, I suggest that just learn to do baking white people or choose unsalted butter is better, the taste is the same, better control; and there are more types of salted butter, all kinds of salted butter salt content is different, it is more difficult to grasp its taste.

Usually when we do baking once, we can't use up the butter, how should we save the butter to avoid waste? We should use greaseproof paper or tinfoil to wrap the butter tightly, and don't put it together with food with strong odor, or it will easily affect the quality of butter.

How to choose a good cream

Many of us do our own baking, and apart from doing it for a hobby, another point of consideration is health. Butter is generally categorized into animal cream and vegetable cream, which of these two is healthier? Many people would probably say vegetable butter, which sounds greener and won't make you fat if you eat too much of it.

But is this really the case in reality? Vegetable cream, also known as margarine, doesn't come across as healthier compared to animal cream, except that it may be less expensive. Animal cream is extracted from milk, the layer we usually see floating on top of the milk, and tastes better than vegetable cream. I still recommend animal cream as a better choice.

When baking with animal cream, be careful to eat it as soon as possible or keep it refrigerated, it is more prone to spoilage.

How to choose flour

Flour is the main raw material for cake making, and the quality of flour directly affects the quality of cake. So how should we pick out the quality flour? Many people like to look at the color of flour, think the color is pure is good, in fact, this can not distinguish good flour and poor flour. We can compare the water absorption of flour, equal amount of flour, the flour with strong water absorption is better.

We can also ask about the smell of the flour, there is a natural wheat flavor of the flour quality is better, in addition to using the nose, we can also feel the hand, weak gluten flour will be more loose, strong gluten flour is more solid.

I hope you will improve after reading the sharing, make delicious and healthy quality cakes and become a master baker soon!