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The 2018 work summary meeting and outdoor expansion activity for the company's point based management personnel were successfully held

Consolidate and create a future together

In order to better analyze the gains and losses of the integration system, improve the effectiveness of its implementation, and strengthen the role of the integration system in the management of intercontinental food companies. On June 12th, the Human Resources Department of the company led the points based management committee, representatives of outstanding employees from various departments, and invited Mr. Liu and other key leaders of the company to come to Dongfang Sandi Manor in the 13th section of Dajiangdong to start a one-day work summary meeting and outdoor expansion activity for point based management personnel in 2018.

Facing the early morning sunshine, at 9:30 am, the meeting was held as scheduled in the meeting room on the second floor of Dongfang Sha Di. Firstly, the HR manager Huang Hongfang and the point based management committee member Fang Liang provided a systematic introduction and report on the development of the point based system over the past two years; Secondly, through summary, everyone gathered their ideas and listened to the new deployments and requirements proposed by the company leaders.

Through the meeting, we first affirmed that over the past two years, the company has made certain progress in implementing the point system through the point reward and punishment system and diverse point incentive activities. At the same time, we have strengthened our confidence and clarified the next direction for the implementation of the point system; By adjusting the management team of the point system, eliminating point rewards within their job responsibilities, increasing temporary incentive point standards, and implementing daily behavioral norms such as point reward and punishment standards, the point system has been infiltrated into every point of employee life, taking the company's point system construction to a new height.
In the afternoon, the lawn of Dongfang Sandi Manor was vast and the scenery was pleasant. We participated in the expansion activity together. The expansion teacher organized a rich and interesting team activity for everyone, where everyone relaxed, fully engaged, and cooperated with each other

Activity Opening - Breaking the Ice

We listened to the coach's slogan of 'shaking hands' and' forming a team ', and were well trained. After experiencing' flowers bloom and wither ', it seemed as if we had all returned to our childhood, completely forgetting how to be on guard....

Activity 1- Touch Ball Competition

Raise the touch ball and the red and blue teams begin their first head-on battle. The secret to winning is to make a small sprint, lower your center of gravity, split your legs back and forth, and then hit your opponent hard. I'm not sure if you knocked down your opponent's teammates?

Activity 2- Live CS Competition

After a short break, the coach led us to the pavilion and distributed CS laser guns to us one by one, demonstrating the essentials of reloading, three point one line, and strafing in person. Subsequently, under the personal leadership of Mr. Liu, we played real CS. Wearing bulletproof hats and holding laser guns, we were all very excited in our hearts. The red team and the blue team respectively attempted to attack and defend two roles. However, marching and fighting require not only individual bravery, but also strategy and skills. The red team ultimately defeated the blue team with perfect cooperation.
Through a day of meetings and expansion activities, we effectively summarized our work experience and exercised our body and mind. We have become more clear about the direction of our next work, and at the same time, we have also felt the importance of cooperation and communication in our work, which has laid the foundation for future work. We learn through practical training, change through experiential learning, and benefit greatly. We have gained more life insights. After experiencing the joy brought by dedication, cooperation, and courage, everyone deeply feels the essence of responsibility, cooperation, and confidence, And the responsibilities to be assumed as a member of the team. At this moment, under intense work and pressure, getting close to nature, feeling the green mountains and waters, releasing one's soul, improving work efficiency, mobilizing work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, has also laid a good foundation for the company's cultural construction.