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The 12th Employee Points Sports Meeting has come to a successful end, with "luck" hiding brilliance and "action" winning the future!

For continuationIntercontinental foodThe company's excellent tradition enriches the leisure cultural life of its employees, enhances work friendships among colleagues, comprehensively improves the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the employee team, advocates national fitness, and showcases the good demeanor of intercontinental company personnel. After research and decision by the company, it is decided to hold the 12th Hangzhou Conference on May 2, 2018Intercontinental foodThe limited company employee sports meet and the 10th Happy Points Conference of the third session in 2018.

On May 2, 2018 at 7am, by HangzhouIntercontinental foodThe 12th Sports Games and the 10th Happy Points Conference organized by the Human Resources Department and Logistics Support Department of the limited company were grandly held at the company's sports field.

First of all, let's invite the youthful and beautiful cheerleaders of this sports meet to enter and launch this points sports meeting.

In the majestic athlete's march, the referee and athletes enter the arena with vigorous steps and play the "Athlete's March". Comrade Su Zehong, the Director of Logistics Support, delivered an enthusiastic opening speech, followed by Comrade Dong Bailong, the Director of the First Factory Branch, to take the oath on behalf of the current referee. Finally, Comrade Su Zehong announced the launch of the Hangzhou Intercontinental Food Co., Ltd. Fun Games and the opening of the 12th Points Games.


All members of the factory actively participated in this year's point sports meet, with 7 participating teams, 140 employee contestants, 6 employee referees, and 7 point statistics team members. This points sports meeting has set up 4 team events and 6 individual events, and has successively held 10 events, including synchronized jumping, individual jumping rope competition, 8 person collective jumping rope competition, tug of war competition, 4 * 100 relay competition, shuttlecock kicking competition, pinball catching competition, stone crossing competition, kangaroo jumping competition, and hula hoop competition. Each competition project can exercise everyone's ability to use their hands and brains, as well as their spirit of unity and cooperation in work. This is not only a competition of wisdom and physical strength, but also a perfect competition of unity and cooperation.



Each participating team or team member engages in intense competition. The tug of war competition has been a major event over the years, with each team participating in a group of 10 people, divided into male and female competitions. Determine the order of the tournament by drawing lots. The winning team in the preliminaries advanced to the final stage, winning two consecutive games and advancing to the finals. The winning team in the end was the men's team - Logistics Support Department, and the women's team - Pei Chunfeng team from the Second Factory.


On the morning of May 2nd at 10 o'clock, the athletes were in a passionate and hardworking spirit on the field. All the competition items of the sports meet ended, and the current points sports meet successfully concluded. The closing ceremony was presided over by Zhu Lei, and leaders such as Su Zehong, Dong Bailong, and Xie Sujun presented awards to the winning teams and individuals. The top five individual competitions and the top three team competitions were selected for this year's points games. The company not only issued certificates, certificates, bonuses, and point rewards to the winners and their representatives.

With the joint efforts of all the referees and the hard work of the organizing committee, the athletes persevered and demonstrated the spirit of the intercontinental company with good posture, high fighting spirit, and good results. Everyone adheres to the concept of "friendship first, competition second" to participate in the competition, and the competition has developed a style and level. From the beginning to the end of the sports meet, every athlete and team participating in the competition touches the heartstrings of the employees present. Breath together, share destiny. Cheer, cheer, and applaud each other. The scene was filled with laughter and laughter, truly reflecting everyone's great enthusiasm and the desire to regain their lost virginity.

On the morning of May 2nd at 10:30, immediately after the conclusion of the points sports meeting, the 10th Happy Points Conference of the third session of Intercontinental Company began. The opening ceremony was presided over by Fang Liang, a member of the points daily team. In order to fully demonstrate the enthusiasm of all colleagues for sports and inspire the enthusiasm of participating employees, this Happy Points Conference not only offers bonuses to the winners, but also points rewards.

The target audience for this point lottery is the participants of this point sports event, who will receive rewards from four aspects of the point sports event, such as registering for participation, arriving at the competition venue on time, and participating in the competition events. In this point lottery, a total of 33 prize winners will be set based on the individual point values obtained at the sports meeting, from high to low. They will be the champion award, the top spot award, the exploration award, and the athlete award.

As long as you actively participate in this point sports meeting and do not receive a bonus, it is okay to draw additional point prizes. Let all participants come happy and return satisfied. The awards were presented by members of the Points Management Committee, such as Su Zehong and Huang Hongfang.

At 11:00 am on May 2nd, the 12th Hangzhou Conference ended with cheers​​​​​​​Intercontinental foodThe limited company employee sports meet and the 10th Happy Points Conference of the third session in 2018.

Through the holding of this points sports meeting, it fully demonstrated the enthusiasm of all colleagues for sports, not only exercised physical fitness and honed spiritual will, but also enhanced everyone's spirit of cooperation and collective sense of honor. It further promotes the physical and mental health of employees and enlivens the cultural life of the company. We will take this year's points sports meet as a new starting point, pack up our bags, and march towards the goal of "higher, faster, and stronger" in accordance with the company's corporate motto of "being a diligent person and working diligently"!

Hangzhou Intercontinental Food Co., Ltd

May 4, 2018