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A must have for a baker, share 26 very useful baking techniques

Sometimes baking still requires the following techniques and knocking on the door, in order to help you create your work faster and better. Here are a few baking tips, hoping to help everyone better make products!
1. Invest in a silicon baking pad.
It not only protects your pot, but also reduces cleaning time by half, and the mat can make the cookies bake more evenly
2. When the edges have hardened, take out your cookies.
If you wait for them to harden before taking them, they will break your teeth“
3. Prepare some cakes for yourself to release spray.
4. Before adding fruit and chocolate flour to your mixture, coat it with things like fruit and chocolate.
This prevents all bits from sinking to the bottom and ensures that you have a evenly distributed taste
5. Make your muffins and cakes with an ice cream spoon.
An ice cream spoon will make your muffin or cake even in size and shape
6. Vanilla extract.
The taste is more similar to using real vanilla beans, sprinkled on the cake can enhance the vanilla flavor of a lot of cakes
7. A spoon filled with flour can make accurate measurements for you.
When measuring flour, do not use your measuring cup. Using a spoon to put flour into your measuring cup is convenient, concise, and easy to grasp over time.
8. weighing
9. Don't be afraid to use salt.
People always believe that because it is a dessert, it does not require salt - this is not right. We can add some salt appropriately according to the actual situation, which can alleviate the greasy feeling it brings“
10. If you need to use cooled butter, freeze it in front of the furnace for about an hour.
When the recipe requires frozen butter (pie crust, biscuits, etc.), it is necessary to put the butter in the refrigerator for about an hour in advance and then add it to the recipe. This will prevent butter from melting and maintain the integrity of fat molecules, making it easier to chop and melt
11. Before letting your cakes cool, try to ice them.
12. For very small things, such as your flour, use a small sieve to sieve it out.
13. Check the expiration date of your soda water.
We should replace baking soda every month“
14. Many times, we should not over mix.
15. But if you're cream butter and sugar, make sure it's well mixed.
If the mixture is not good, it will appear very yellow and relatively hard without merging
16. Place the bread in a sealed container to keep the cookies fresh.
Bread will become very hard at both ends after being stored for a long time. We can keep the bread fresh by placing it in a sealed container
17. The cake is first placed outside for a short while, and then placed in the oven.
18. Add some instant coffee chocolate.
It won't make them taste like coffee, it just makes chocolate taste more like chocolate
19. Test your cake with a toothpick to see if they are edible
20. Freeze your cookie dough.
21. Ensure that your indoor temperature is suitable for your formula
Temperature is everything! If the formula says softened butter, it means softness, so it needs to consider the indoor temperature. The same applies to cold ingredients. When you need flaky dough, make sure everything is super cold“
22. Adding a drop of liquefied coconut oil can help thin melt chocolate.
When using melted chocolate, add a thin drop of liquefied coconut oil to make it easier to apply, bake, or make candy
23. Make a perfect sponge cake with the same weight of eggs, flour, sugar, and butter.
As a sponge cake, weigh your eggs and use the same weight of flour, sugar, and butter
24. Freeze your sugar cookies and pie crust for 15 minutes, then place them in the oven.
Your cookies or pie slices better maintain their shape
25. If the dough does not ferment as intended, it can be placed in a preheated oven and left at low temperature for a short period of time (but be sure to turn off the oven first).
If the dough does not ferment well, preheat your oven to 200 ° F (just over 90 ° C, or a fan assisted oven at 70 ° C), turn it off, and place the dough in the oven. “
26. Put the cream in the mixer and bowl in the refrigerator first.
First, beat the cream in a blender and metal bowl and leave it in the refrigerator for a while. Your cream will beat faster