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Baking Knowledge -34 "Secrets" of Baking that Must Be Said

  Why do people become more and more like gods with the same recipe and steps, while you are still baking Xiaobai? If you don't open your mind, the Great God will go further and further, and you will always be white and tender. So why not get a few simple and practical skills and bury yourself deeper and deeper in the baking pit.

When did baking begin on Earth? What is the formula for the percentage of ingredients in bread making during the ancient Greek period of 5 or 6 centuries BC? Total weight of ingredients/total weight of flour * 100%=ingredient% 3. The role of oil in baking? It can shorten the length of the gluten, wrap the cake to lubricate the gluten, and prevent the gluten from sticking together. 4. What should be paid attention to when mixing raw materials? ① Before adding wet ingredients, stir the dry ingredients evenly When dry and wet ingredients are mixed alternately, the first and last ingredients are always dry ingredients Once the dry ingredients are added, do not over mix. Stir at low speed until fully mixed. ④ When two ingredients need to be folded and mixed, the lighter density ingredient should be placed on top, and the two ingredients should be folded and mixed with very light force. 5. Why shouldn't bread be refrigerated? From the moment bread is baked, aging begins, with loss of moisture and chemical changes in starch structure. This change occurs faster during refrigeration, and almost stops during freezing. 6. Is bread flour the same as high gluten flour? Bread flour contains about 12% protein, while high gluten flour should be above 14%. 7. The role of sugar (sweetener) in baking? ① Increasing sweetness and aroma ② Softening gluten structure and delicate tissue ③ Increasing surface color ④ Maintaining moisture and extending shelf life ⑤ Mixing with oil can be used as an emulsifier, and mixing with eggs can be used as a foaming agent ⑥ It is the target of yeast action 8. In bread making, an equal amount of milk is not equal to an equal amount of water. Fresh milk contains 88% -91% moisture, while the remaining solid substances are protein, lactose, and minerals. Therefore, if milk is used instead of water in the formula, it is necessary to add a little more to prevent the dough from becoming too dry. 9. What grades can eggs be classified according to their weight (with shells)? Huge 70g, oversized 64g, large 57g, medium 50g, small 43g, and extremely small 35g. 10. What happens if the amount of flour and sugar is not correct? Too much flour can cause the cake surface to break. Too much sugar in a cake can cause it to scorch, while too little can make the texture harder. 11. What are the two types of baking powder? What are the characteristics? ① Single effect baking powder: Immediately produces gas when exposed to water and is only used for products that are immediately baked after stirring Double effect baking powder: At low temperatures, some gas is released, and the reaction is complete only after heating. After the batter is prepared, it can be left for a period of time. 12. Can gelatin powder and tablets be replaced with each other? Yes, except for different processing methods, its effect is exactly the same, 1 teaspoon gelatin powder=2.8g